Fisheye Aerial Media

Drone Photography & Videography

Bend, Oregon USA

Fisheye Aerial Media provides high resolution post production aerial pictures, video & real-time drone mapping for a multitude of applications including excavation, construction, inspections, farming, sports, and events backed with exceptional, personable customer service.


Construction & Excavation
Latham Excavation working on Tumalo Irrigation District's Canal Burial Project in west Bend.
Aerial Mapping & Plant Health
Konehead Productions - 2019 Bend Winter Fest, Old Mill District - Bend, Oregon
AC Guide Service - Northern California
Around Oregon & Beyond
River Bend - Eastern Oregon
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"The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor." --Vince T. Lombardi

Disclaimer:  All quotes are best estimates for all included work listed.  Actual job can vary depending on changes before and/or during to scope of project.  If Fisheye Aerial Media deems any flight that may include any type of potential risk and/or danger to something and/or someone including but not limited to the flying equipment, contracted ground personnel, surrounding environment, and/or any other potential subject due to weather conditions and/or otherwise, Fisheye Aerial Media has the right to postpone, reschedule, and/or terminate current flight.